BIDA0003 – Data Model Improvements


The data warehouse data model is the foundation of the BI Solution for any company.

In our many years of experience we consistently see poor data models implemented even by large companies that really should know better.

Poor data models can cause issues for BI systems for many years. And once there are large numbers of reports and applications built over the top of the data models they are very difficult and expensive to migrate to a better set of models.

Poor data models can live on in production for many, many years causing frustration and lost time and money for the users of the system and the developers who support the system.

It is much better to deliver the first version of the data warehouse a little later with better data models than to deliver sooner with poor data models.

With our many years of experience we have developed our own suite of data models which have a large number of specific design features to make them excellent data models.

Here in Romania we do not expect many companies to wish to adopt our data models because most companies that need a data warehouse already have one in production.

Migration to our models would be a large undertaking that only a few companies would be willing to go ahead with.

However, if you have a data warehouse in production and you have questions about what improvements could be made to your data models?

Then we would be happy to provide you the free service of reviewing your data models and preparing for you a list of recommendations for improvements that could be made to your data models.

Of course, this service would be provided at no charge to prospective customers as part of our process of establishing our credibility to you and your peers in your company in the area of data models.

In the near future we will be updating this post to talk about “common data model mistakes”.

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