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In this blog post we wish to explain our position today as to what we can offer for ETL support or even possible migration of your ETL system to our BIDA ETL software.

As we have stated, we are currently in start up mode and we are now actively searching for the “best and brightest” graduates to hire and train.

However, we have provided 24×7 ETL support for our Romanian development partner for the last 3+ years.

Today this development partner has 280+ retail stores and sells 300,000 to 400,000 items in their stores each day.

The data warehouse is on SQL Server Standard Edition running on a 16 core server for the data in the staging area and data warehouse.

The time span of the data goes back to 2012 and we are able to support analytics for sales and finance back to 2012 based on this data warehouse.

The ERP they use is MicroSofts Navision.

Today, even in our start up mode, we are in the position to offer 24×7 support for Romanian companies running the Navision ERP and who have their existing data warehouse on SQL Server.

Over the 3+ years of our support relationship with this customer we have included 2 hardware upgrades and one SQL Server version upgrade.

We have also implemented a full staging area taking all the data from their Navision ERP and placing it in to the staging area on the data warehouse machine.

We take incremental extracts from the production system two times per day and we run these through a delta detection process to apply inserts and updates to the staging are to keep the staging area in sync with the production ERP system.

This means the customer has 100% of their ERP production data available in the staging area to query with any tool they please and therefor no extra load is placed on to the production system for ad-hoc and “one time” queries.

The ETL system was developed by another Romanian based company and was written with SQL Server stored procedures.

We have not replaced these stored procedures with our BIDA ETL. However, we have done new development using our BIDA ETL.

We migrated the processing schedules from purely stored procedures across to our BIDA Scheduler to be able to run portions of the ETL in parallel to reduce the over all ETL elapsed time.

We wish to make it public that we are in the position where we can offer 24×7 support for Navision data warehouses because we have already been doing this for 3 years.

We have very good skills and experience with Navision and we are in a position to offer full 24×7 support for Navision data warehouses.

Of course, before you would consider any such proposal you will want to get to know us and work with us on some of our earlier service offerings.

We would be pleased to have the opportunity to establish our credibility with you and your peers in your company that we can provide you 24×7 Navision data warehousing support.

If you are running your ETL system for Navision with such tools as SSIS, DataStage, Informatica or stored procedures. Then we are also in a position to be able to migrate your current ETL system across to our BIDA ETL system.

BIDA ETL will reduce your daily elapsed time processing, improve the reliability of your ETL, and reduce your total cost of ownership of your Data Warehouse.

BIDA ETL will do this by reducing the amount of effort in maintenance and support of your ETL system.

If you are running any version of Navision and you would like to ask us any questions about what we are able to offer in this area?

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