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One of the most common complaints that we hear about Business Intelligence systems is:

“We are sure there is more value we can get from the data warehouse but we just can’t seem to get that value out of it. We are not sure why that is.”

One of the problems that we have seen over the years is that there is much more focus on producing “more reports” and less focus on “how to we make more profit using the information we have”.

The reason for this is that the vendors make more revenue by having you buy more client licenses and running more reports against the data warehouse.

So the marketing from vendors is all about increasing the number of users of the data warehouse, not improving your profit.

With our many years of experience we understand many areas of businesses which can be optimised to improve the profitability of companies.

In particular we have a great deal of experience in marketing data warehouses and helping our customers cross sell and upsell products and services to their existing customers.

We are able to use a variety of tools to perform this sort of analysis.

One tool we would mention for your consideration is Meta5. (

This is a very useful suit of tools for “power analysts”. Recently Meta5 released a single user version that is affordable for Romanian companies.

The meta5 tools are very good to perform ad-hoc exploratory analysis to find new business opportunities.

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