BIDA0007 – Navision Staging Area Construction Details


Hello and welcome to our latest blog post. We are pleased you have come back to see our latest news.

Our latest news is that we recently had to build an entirely new staging area for our Navision BI development partner. The reasons we needed to do this are not particularly relevant. It had to be done.

What is very relevant to you as a Navision user is that we were able to build a completely new instance of the staging area in just 4 working days. This was 1,867 tables and 35,591 fields from a Navision 2009 instance.

The first time we did this 3 years ago it took us about 10 days work. Then again that was the first time we had ever undertaken building such a large staging area with our new techniques we had developed. And we had to write two functions for field and table name mappings that took quite some time.

This time it went much more smoothly. All work was completed and the staging area was ready to go in just 4 working days. We did have to do a few other small changes and problems we found as we tested so you could call it 5 working days, or a weeks work.

We have written a detailed white paper on exactly how we did this.

If you would like to download a copy of this detailed white paper showing you exactly how we were able to build a proper, production, incremental extract Navision staging area in just 4 working days?

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