BIDA0008 – Navision Staging Area Access Details


Hello and welcome to our latest blog post. We are pleased you have come back to see our latest news.

We recently had to build an entirely new staging area for our Navision BI development partner. The reasons we needed to do this are not particularly relevant. It had to be done.

What is very relevant to you as a Navision user is that we were able to build a completely new instance of the staging area in just 4 working days. This was 1,867 tables and 35,591 fields from a Navision 2009 instance.

This new staging area has now been in production for more than a month and it is running smoothly. With the smaller Navision instance to scan for changes the extract processing time is down from around 30 minutes to 5-6 minutes.

We were rather surprised the extract times are so fast but without 7 years of transaction history this is the extract times we are seeing. It takes about another 10 minutes to apply the updates to the staging area. So we are seeing extract and update times to the staging area in the 15-20 minute range depending on the volume of transactions of course.

We have written a short white paper on how such staging areas can be access by a product we happen like called Meta5. We hope you like it!

If you would like to download a copy of this detailed white paper showing you exactly how we are able to access the Navision Staging Areas we build with Meta5?

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