BIDA0011 – Our First Successful Project As BIDA!


    Hello and welcome to our latest blog post. We are pleased you have come back to see our latest news!

    We have been a little quiet over the last two months and there has been a very good reason for this!

    The reason is that we have delivered our first successful project in the USA!!

    This means that within 6 months of “Start Up” we have delivered (AND BEEN PAID) for our very first successful overseas project!

    NOT BAD! 

    The project is subject to non-disclosure agreements so there is very little we can say about it publicly. We are a sub contractor to a US Business Partner who was searching for a solution to build a BI Solution for a very popular ERP in the US. The ERP has more than 3,000 installed accounts world wide. The ERP does not have very good BI capabilities.

    Our business partner is a consulting firm who has a number of customers using this ERP.  Our business partner has been looking for a way to provide a high quality BI Solution for the ERP at lower costs than can be achieved in the US. They found us through a common acquaintance.

    What we can say about this project publicly in a blog post is this:

    1. Our BIDA ETL was re-branded by our business partner to provide to the end customer.
    2. Our BIDA Data Models were re-branded by our business partner to provide to the end customer.
    3. There are more than 650 tables and 14,000 fields in the staging area we built.
    4. We delivered 100% of the ERP data into the staging area with complete delta detection.
    5. There are more than 35 fact and 50 dimension tables in the “Release 1.0” BI Solution we delivered.
    6. We delivered the working ETL / DWH system in just 6 weeks from being given access to the ERP data. This includes learning how the ERP works.
    7. We did not work on the project full time over the 6 weeks because there were pauses for question / answer cycles.
    8. We delivered General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales Orders and Inventory Management in Release 1.0.
    9. Our business partner developed front end reports for Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flows.
    10. Our business partner is developing more reports and dashboards as part of their portion of the project.
    11. The end customer is now deploying these reports and is considering more subject areas from the ERP to be added to the BI Solution!

    As we noted this project is subject to non-disclosure agreements.

    Our US Business Partner now has an agreement to use BIDA ETL and Data Models under their company brand and logo.

    They have the source code for everything we deliver and their own staff can manage and support their customers.

    They are responsible for building front ends to the data warehouse we developed.

    They will be marketing the BI Solution we helped develop in the US starting in January!

    We consider this a red letter day in our “start up” process!

    For a Romanian “startup” to acquire our first US Customer and to deliver successfully inside the first six months is quite an achievement. We expect our business partner to make many sales of this BI Solution in the future.

    We are, of course, suitably excited at the prospect of now having our first ERP BI Solution in marketing phase in the US!

    This project delayed our development work on our Navision BI Solution and that is perfectly ok!

    If you would like to ask us questions about this, our very first successful US Project, please put your best email address in the form below or contact us through our contacts page.

    Thank you again for dropping by our web site to read our latest news!

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