HD0001 – How Do I Create An ODBC Connection For Meta5?


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Today we are going to show you how to create ODBC Connections for Meta5.

This is so that Meta5 can access any data that is available using ODBC.

In this video I am going to show you how to create ODBC connections so that Meta5 query tools and database administration tools can connect to the database.

We are going to connect the Adventure Works data warehouse database and the Wide World Importers data warehouse database.

Both these databases are available from Microsoft.

We have built some demonstrations using these databases.


Let us get started with the demonstration.

We are going to start with SQL Server.

We are going to click on SQL Server Management Studio.

And of course, this could be any database in any studio, as long as an ODBC connection is available.

We have a server name of Meta5 dev oh one.

We are using Windows authentication.

So we are just going to connect with that.

We go into databases.

We are going to connect the Adventure Works data warehouse Meta5 Access database.

And we are going to connect the Wide World Importers data warehouse Meta5 Access database.

We are going to connect both of them in this demonstration video.

We click on copy.

Now we need to go to the ODBC configuration panel.

We must use ODBC 32 bit.

So please make sure you select ODBC 32 bit.

We click on add.

We scroll down to SQL Server.

Click on paste.

Click on paste in the description.

The servers name is Meta5 Dev oh one.

Of course you would put the name of your database server that you will connect to ODBC.

We say with SQL Server Authentication.

We have created a System Administrator user I D and we have created a password.

Then you click on next.

Then change the default database to the Adventure Works D W M 5 A,. database.

Then we can test the data source is working.

O K.

That is successful.

Now we are going to create the ODBC Connection for the Wide World Importers D W M 5 A, database.

You can follow along on the screen as we create that connection.

And now you can see we have two 32 bit ODBC connections in the ODBC data source 32 bit administrator panel.

This concludes our demonstration of how to create ODBC Connections for Meta5.

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