BIDA0030 – Ralph Kimballs Demo Databases – Voyage


Please watch the video in 1080p because it is recorded in High Resolution.
Please note the script of the presentation is below so you can read along with the demonstration if you like.

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Today, we are releasing the next video in the series on the demonstration databases Ralph Kimball released in his book.

Of course, to be fair to Ralph, on each post we will put a button you can click to buy his book.

In this blog post we are going to give you a demonstration of the Voyage database.

We would suggest you get an evaluation copy of Meta5, and query Ralphs databases as you read his excellent book.

We would also recommend you watch the first and second videos in this series.


Here we go!

We welcome you to the video demonstration of the Voyage sample database from Ralphs excellent book.

We hope you like it!


This concludes our demonstration of the Voyage database from Ralph Kimballs book.

You can download all these databases, and the Meta5 folder, to be able to query the databases, from the button below.

We sincerely hope you will learn more about dimensional modeling, using the databases and software, Ralph Kimball played such a large part in bringing to the world.

We hope you liked this short demonstration video.

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