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Are you one of the smartest business people in your company?

Do you use Microsoft’s Navision ERP?

Do you use SQL Server for your Data Warehouse?

Does it take too long to get answers to new questions?

Does it take too long to get new data into your data warehouse?

Or do you not even have a data warehouse for Navision?

Do you have questions you just can’t get answers to?

Do you think there is business value in getting answers to new questions faster?

Do you constantly cut and paste data into Excel try to answer your questions?

Do you have to keep asking “IT” for help to answer your questions?


If you answered yes to four or more of these questions?

We would like to talk with you.

We are world class BI experts on SQL Server.

We represent Meta5 here in Romania.

With Meta5 you can easily answer your “just thought of” questions.

You can build dashboards in Excel faster, cheaper, better than any other way.

You can query any data you can lay your hands on!

You have seen the demos on our web site.

You have to use Meta5 to really “get it”

So we invite you to try out Meta5 for your self!

On our web site we have provided a great deal of Meta5 demonstration materials that you can download for your own, on premise, evaluation of Meta5.

To take this one step further we have made available a Meta5 Evaluation server via Remote PC.

This means we are able to give you remote access to a Meta5 Pro desktop so that you can more easily perform your evaluation of Meta5.

You are now able to evaluate Meta5 from the comfort of your office or home with zero software installed on your PC!

You can do it all in a web browser.

If you want to download the very thin Remote PC client you can do that too.

The evaluation machine is “bookable” seven days a week for those of you who would like to perform your evaluations on the weekends.

Slots will be 4 hour slots as follows: 10am-2pm, 2pm-6pm, 6pm-10pm.

We can also provide you “teams” & phone support with one of our trained Meta5 consultants to help you with your evaluation. (Business Hours Only)

You can arrange your exclusive access to the Meta5 Evaluation machine by contacting me (Mihai Neacsu) by clicking on the “Contact Us” button below.

I look forward to helping you discover the massive business value that Meta5 brings to you!

Please note: Our free offer is for Navision ERP Installed Accounts. If you do not have Navision installed, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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