Products We Use / Promote


We are experts in the use of the following databases for Business Intelligence:

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • Sybase IQ
  • Netezza
  • And many others

During our start-up period here in Romania we will primarily work with SQL Server customers because of our Microsoft Navision ERP Data Warehouse Product.

As we are able to hire and train the best and brightest graduates we will train them primarily on this suite of databases.

Data Integration

We are experts in the use of:

  • DataStage
  • Informatica
  • Stored Procedures across all supported databases
  • Our own “BIDA ETL” software.

If you have DataStage or Informatica and would like to keep it?

We can support those products today and in to the future.

If you have DataStage, Informatica or Stored Procedures and you would like to migrate to BIDA ETL because it will lower your costs significantly?

We would like to talk with you about lowering your ETL development and support costs over the coming years.

Data Models

The data model for the data warehouse is the foundation of the BI System. You must build high quality data models to achieve low support costs and ease of use.

We have been fortunate to gain wide experience building data warehouses using various data models from various vendors.

As a result we have our own BIDA Models which support a number of industries.

In our start up phase we will only be promoting our Retail Data Model for the MicroSoft Navision Data Warehouse product we are developing.

Once we are established with a number of Retail customers here in Romania we will train our staff how to deliver Business Intelligence projects across other industries.

Front End Tools

We are experts in the use of:

  • Business Objects
  • MicroSoft Report Services
  • Meta5 using Excel as the front end

During our start up period we will focus on the back end tools and data warehouse development much more than focusing on the front end applications.

Where we need skills in a front end tool we will generally work with your staff or we will work with an experienced partner who specializes in your favorite front end tools.

There are simply too many front end tools out there for a start up company like us to be proficient in them all.

BI For MSFT Navision ERP

We have been supporting and maintaining the Navision data warehouse for a well known Romanian Retailer for the last 4 years.

As part of this support agreement we are developing an end to end BI Solution for MicroSofts Navision ERP.

We have already developed large portions of this BI Solution.

If you are a Bucharest based retailer who is running Navision 2009 we would like to present you with the details of our work on this product to date.

We will be following up the Navision 2009 BI Solution with versions for later Navision ERPs as we gain new development partners.

We will offer special terms and conditions to each development partner to create a long term relationship that benefits both parties.

We plan to create an AX based BI Solution once we have rolled out the Navision version for sale in Western Europe, the UK, and USA.

If you are running AX and you would like to discuss a proposal for building an end to end BI Solution for your company as a development partner? Please contact us.